Ladies Suits and Dresses Packing

Impress the Bridegroom's family with well packed Trousseau Packs. These are gifts from the Bride's family which is, by tradition, a matter of pride to both the families. More appealing the gifts are, the better the impression. Artz Miracle is an expert in packing your gifts for your new family. Be ready to astonish them with our creativity.

Trousseau Packing is the specialised packaging for wedding gifts given to the bride and her to-be family including her husband. Trousseau packing is special packaging for the gifts you give to near and dear ones around the wedding. These gifts are ceremoniously given away a few days before marriage. The tradition in India is to give away articles that the new couple would need as part of their life together. The items may include a car, jewellery, bed, dressing table, clothes, Saree etc. Dowry is an illegal practice, but India marriages being deep-rooted in tradition, follow the practice of giving dowry to the groom's family. Unlike other gift packaging, trousseau gifts items are wrapped in traditional materials like Gold, Silver paper. They are decorated with ornaments. We have special designs for packing jewellery, saree trousseau packing, wedding gifts and even small things that you'd gift as part of the wedding trousseau. All the sweat and toil of selecting the best of gifts and trousseau may go unnoticed if they are not packed and displayed in a properly manner.